Need help with your homework?

Homework is the name given to extra studies that must be undertaken outside of the classroom. Most people do their extra studying at home which is why it is called homework. But it could also be called library-work, out-of-school-club-work or even granny’s-front-room-work.

Homework assignments may include practising skills in reading and research, writing or typing, problem solving, drawing or colouring in. Unfortunately, homework rarely requires practising the ancient skills of burping, farting, eating chips or making gloop.

Homework has been made popular by wormy worms and goodie goodies who are willing to do anything to get more gold stars. Sad isn’t it?

King Henry the Horrible has decreed that homework will only be set for parents and teachers, never for children. Only problem is that he isn’t King yet, but when he is, they’ll all be sorry!