History of Homework

The first homework assignment probably dates back to the early Greeks. It is thought that Socrates, the great philosopher, told his students to go home and try to find an answer to the question “why?.”

This is one of the shortest questions on earth and yet one of the most difficult to answer.

It is unlikely that these ancient students managed to come up with a very good answer. 2,500 years later this question is still being asked by kids around the world. In every home, in every country and in every language kids are asking “Why I do have to do my homework????”

So next time you find yourself wondering why, don’t think that you are a moody and ungrateful person who doesn’t care about the opportunities they have been given!

Instead, be proud in to know that you are in fact, taking part in one of the greatest debates in the history of Western philosophy.

Note from Miss Battle-Axe: any students who would like more time to consider this question are very welcome to attend triple detention!!!