Top Tips for Homework

If your homework is Show and Tell, remember that small, furry animals with big teeth are likely to escape in school and could end up being part of your school dinner.

When you are asked to read or review a book for your homework, do not choose your younger brother’s or sister’s favourite book, as this may cause uncontrollable laughter amongst your classmates.

Homework that has been completed should not be left unattended in case your pet hamster/lobster/tarantula decides to shred it!

Do not be tempted to accept bribes if you are asked to write a review about school dinners for your homework, or your trickery could make you the front page news!

If your homework is to bring the eggs for the Egg and Spoon Race on Sports Day, beware of horrid brothers, moody neighbours and anyone else who may want to make a sticky mess!